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Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement


The spring is one of the most important parts of your garage doors. It is the main component on your garage doors that allows them to open and close properly. Your garage doors are extremely heavy and need that spring to work properly in order to hold the garage door up and bring it down slowly and safely. If your garage door spring starts to get rusty or begins to get weak and break, your garage doors will get stuck in whatever position they were in as the time the spring broke.

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This is why you want to try and catch the problem early on and get them repaired or replaced right away so you do not end up in worst situation. We pride ourselves in providing the number one garage door spring repair and replacement service in the city. Here at Allstar Garage Door Repair Innisfil we make sure that our customers can rely on us for any service especially one as important as getting your garage doors spring repaired or replaced.

Because it is such an important component, you want to make sure you never leave it until the last moment to get them fixed because it can be dangerous and extremely frustrating if they snap. Just give us a call and we will quickly have one of our emergency garage door repair and replacement technician get in contact with you to discuss the details and set up a time to come.


New garage door spring installations 

Garage door spring bracket adjustment

Rusted spring lubrication 

Garage door spring balancing 

Squeaking spring troubleshooting 

Broken garage door spring replacement

And much more!

Here Allstar Garage Door Repair Innisfil we provide every service you can imagine towards your garage door springs. On our detailed list above, we have mentioned the services we provide most often to our customers but we do other services for your garage door  as well.

If you are ever in need of getting a service on your garage door springs but do not see that specific service listed above, please still give us a call as we have professionals, trained and experienced spring repair and replacement technicians who can provide you with services for any job you require. We also offer our services 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all of those emergency moments.

If you are leaving the house to go to work or to get to an important meeting and your spring randomly breaks on you and now your garage door is stuck shut, you will need an emergency service from us so that you can get your car out to get to where you need to go. No matter the time or the day, we will always have an emergency spring repair and replacement technician on standby and available for whenever services you need for your garage door.


You should always make sure that a trained professional is the one at your place providing you with garage door spring repair or replacement services. We know that when things like this happen where your garage doors are not opening, you will want to try and fix it on your own so you can just get it done quickly without having to call anyone.

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We can assure you that it is a very dangerous idea to repair your garage door springs all on your own. Garage doors are one of the heaviest parts of your home and if you are not trained in replacing springs you are much more likely to make a mistake and possibly harm yourself in the process. If this happens as you are trying to repair it, your garage door will fall straight down with all of its force and the spring can very harshly snap and hit someone with intense force making it extremely dangerous for you and your family.

This is why you need to make sure you call a trained and experienced garage door spring repair specialist to come to the job safely and correctly. Many do not know that there are two types of garage door springs. You have the torsion spring which works by twisting its end along its axis and the extension springs which extends and withdraws to open and close your garage doors.

You also have the extension springs that are normally found in the upper, horizontal tracks on each side of the garage door. This is information most people who are not professionals do not know. This is why you need to call Allstar Garage Door Repair Innisfil and have an expert garage door spring repair and replacement technician provide you with spring repair services.


When you are in a situation where your garage door springs cannot be repaired anymore or you just simply want to get new ones installed, we also provide services for garage door spring replacement. If you start to realize that it is getting very difficult for you to open and close your garage doors or you start hearing a loud screeching noise when trying to open or close it, then you may need to get your garage door springs replaced.

Our garage door repair and replacement technicians are mobile and travel with all of the necessary parts and tools needed for any spring replacement job that comes our way. You do not want to leave your broken springs unfixed because the damage will just get worse and it can become very dangerous for anyone to go near that garage door.

When you believe there may be an issue with your garage door springs and you want to get them looked at or replaced, give us, Allstar Garage Door Repair Innisfil a call and we will be sure to get it replaced for you efficiently and for a reasonable price. We make sure to charge our customers affordable prices while also using the most reliable materials out there. If you need your garage door springs replaced, simply pick up the phone and give us a call.