Garage door panel repair

Cindy Sawyer 

I am very grateful Allstar Garage Door Repair Innisfil was around to help me when I needed them. My youngest daughter had just gotten her G1 licence and wanted to start practicing driving with me right away and as we arrived back home, she tried reverse parking into the driveway and accidentally went too far and backed into our garage doors. Luckily it was not too bad just a few scrapes and dents but I really did not want to leave it like that to rust, especially since we had just gotten brand new garage doors from these same guys. This is how I knew who to call since we had such a good experience the first time. I called and explained my issue and since it was a small job the technician made time to come that same day and fixed it all up for us. I could not recommend these guys enough!

Emergency garage door repair 

Lawrence Suggs

I was very surprised to learn that Allstar Garage Door Repair Innisfil was open 24/7 for emergency garage door repair services because most places I know are only open 9-5. Thank god for them because I needed help as soon as possible. My wife and I were about to leave the house to pick up our children from their grandparents and when I tried opening our garage doors it would only open halfway and I had no idea what was wrong with it or what to do since this was our only car. It was already past 9pm so I did not think I could get services but I googled it anyway and Allstar Garage Door Repair Innisfil popped up saying they did 24/7 emergency services. I called them right away and within 30 minutes a tech came over and fixed whatever was wrong with our garage door and opened it up for us. I cannot thank this place enough and I am saving their number for the future.

Garage door track and roller replacement 

Alexander Pedersen

I started to notice our track around the garage doors was starting to get very old and rusty and the rollers were not as smooth as they used to be. My family and I have been living in our house for about 2 years now and who knows how long these track and rollers have been here since we’ve never changed them and from what I know neither did the previous owners. I thought it was time to at least get them looked at since our garage doors have not been opening very well and it started to get annoying. A buddy of mine had used Allstar Garage Door Repair Innisfil and recommended them to me and I was not disappointed. They came the next day to take a look at it and told me it was best to replace it to which I agreed because they looked so old. They came with all of their equipment, so lucky for me they were able to replace it that day as well. It was quite affordable pricing and they gave great services so I would definitely recommend them and I will be calling back when it comes time to replace our garage doors for new ones.

Garage door spring repair 

Leon Cain

I was doing some work in my garage and I had it open for fresh air and all of a sudden, my garage doors just fell shut very abruptly and the noise startled me and I got a little worried because that has never happened before. I looked around and saw that the spring from the doors had snapped. Thank goodness it didn’t hit me but now I have to deal with fixing it because my doors were stuck shut. I was not sure if I would be able to get someone to come out since it was a weekend but when I searched up places nearby, Allstar Garage Door Repair Innisfil came up and it said they were open 24/7 so I gave them a call and they answered right away which was great. I had the technician call me and I was able to speak with him about my options and he even provided me with a rough estimate over the phone. I booked with him to come the next day and he came fully prepared and replaced my spring very quickly. My garage doors have been working perfectly ever since. This place provides great services!

Garage door opener replacement 

Camila Borrego

My garage door opener has been acting up for the past week and it was getting to a point where I could not put it off any longer. My husband had told me to call Allstar Garage Door Repair Innisfil because we used them once before for some repairs on our garage doors. When I called, I explained how I am having trouble getting it to open and close with my remote and it gets so frustrating that I just get out of the car and do it manually. They came to take a look at it and gave me the options to repair or replace it but it was honestly a very old garage door opener and I just wanted to get a brand new so that I did not need to worry about it breaking again. They came prepared and had all the tools in their company van so I was able to pick out a new garage door opener and have it installed right away. I am very happy with their services and recommend them for anyone who need a repair service for their garage.